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Going Home

Top to bottom: 8-Samal & 8-Manobo, 8-Bagobo, 8-Mangyan.

Last December 13 (Tuesday), I was given the chance to talk to my sisters in Miriam College Middle School. I spoke to some Grade 8 students and gave them tips on how to write their first ever term paper…in Music class. Yes, a term paper in Music class! It’s a little weird, right?

Why a term paper in Music class? I honestly don’t know! But maybe it’s because the Music subject area supervisor wants to introduce the concept of research paper writing to the students before they enter high school, and they want the students to have an “easier” and “enjoyable” time while doing the paper. It’s one of their first research papers, so I think that having interest in what they’re writing on is very important. They’re taking baby steps in the field of research, so they should enjoy.

But enough on why the subject area supervisor wants them to write a term paper. Let’s focus on my experience!

I came a little early for my call time. I was so excited, I guess. The idea of giving a talk to “kids” scared me, honestly. When I was in grade school, I was a listener of talks, whether the topic was interesting or not. But I didn’t know how other students behaved when someone else was talking in front of a class. But this talk made me a little excited because of some reasons. One, I get to go back to my first home away from home. Second, I get to share what I do when doing the important stuff. Third, I get to go out of the house. But honestly, it’s really reason number one!

I wanted to go back to where I grew up, and it has come to the point when I want to give back and teach in the school. But maybe enough of that for now. So yeah… I really wanted to go back to the school because I wanted to see the school, see the people learning in the school, see the people teaching in the school, see everything and everyone in the school, actually. I just miss the simplicity of the overall environment. Something just draws me back to the place, and I can’t explain it. Maybe it’s the memories, or maybe it’s the long time I spent in the place. I don’t know, really. But hey, I loved every minute of my short four-hour visit.

The classes I spoke to were really diverse: some students asked questions and actively participated in my talk, while others seemed to be shy. That affected my talk in a way, but hey, at least I was successful in delivering my message. And more importantly, I was able to able to share some helpful tips on how to start research.

I’ll admit it, I’m sure I wasn’t that interesting. It’s my first time to give a talk. I did try to engage with the students. I was successful in one class, since they were really active. I’m pretty sure that the others got bored. I got a little hurt, since it’s my first time speaking in front of students. But hey, I didn’t let that get in the way of my happiness. I just tried to understand that not all students are like me: the “good student”. Oh well, that’s the reality that I have to learn to accept, even if that’s not the ideal.

Despite the lows, I still had fun. I mean, this is like training for me, since I plan to teach in the future. Dealing with students who pass notes to each other right in front of you is a sad reality. This is painful for sensitive people, but some are already immune to this. I’m clearly not immune to this, and it will take a long time for me to accept this. 

Even if there were inattentive students, I knew that some of them were interested in what I was saying, and that drove me to finish the talk. Students like them are the reason why I want to teach; students who are eager to learn for their own sake are my inspiration.

And so I ended my “lecturing” day with some of the “signature” food from the grade school/high school canteen: quail egg siomai and twister fries.

My day of reminiscing had to come to an end at around 2:30pm, since I had nothing to do anyway. I left MC with a smile on my face, ready to go to my home in UP.



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