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Hello, Cupcake

So I tried baking some Devil’s Food Cupcakes yesterday. They weren’t perfect, but they tasted so damn good.

It was the first time that I used the hand mixer my parents gave me for my birthday. I asked for a hand mixer because our ancient mixer doesn’t have a whisk attachment. I need the hand mixer for cupcake icings, so I’m very glad that they gave in to my request. I still used the hand mixer even if this recipe didn’t call for icing.

It was my first time to bake cupcakes, and girl I learned A LOT! I learned not to put too much batter into the cups. Or else, this would happen.


I was convinced that the cups weren’t 2/3 filled, so we added for batter. Well, I was wrong. So my mom scooped a little less than what I scooped, and this is what happened.


So I learned to trust my mother’s measuring skills that night.

I also had icing (or ganache) topping dilemmas with the overflowing cupcakes, so only the properly baked tray had nice tops. Anyway, they were delicious.


What an experience! I hope I can bake the other cupcake recipes I have. And, I hope to share my cupcakes to everyone! Once I perfect my cupcakes, I hope to sell them along with my caramel bars and revel bars.

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