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Les Misérables in Manila

Lats March 30, 2016, I was fortunate enough to catch Les Misérables in Manila with my family, my aunt, and my cousin. It was so mind-blowing, I still have a hangover from it. Come on Cloie, it’s been a week!

I’ve read the book, and I immediately fell in love with the story, despite the theme of…being unfortunate. I’ve seen the 1998 movie and the 2012 movie musical, and I fell in love with the story and the characters even more. I’m a huge fan of musicals, so I really enjoyed the 2012 adaptation of the stage musical. So when the news that Les Misérables the musical is coming to Manila, I was so stoked. I asked my parents if we could watch, and they said yes!

March 30th came, and I was so excited. I felt like I was about to get married to the love of my life! When we got to The Theatre at Solaire, I immediately posed with the Les Mis backdrops and asked random people to take photos of me. I even raised my left fist while posing! (tibak mode: on)

The show was about to start, so we entered the theater. The opening song (Look Down) gave me serious chills, but nothing can beat the feeling I had when the cast sang One Day More. It’s my favorite song off of the whole musical. I got emotional when Eponine was singing On My Own, which happens to be my favorite song to sing in the shower. The Epilogue gave me chills once more, and was so eager to stand up when they ended the show.

The whole production was sooooooooooo awesome! I mean, it went beyond my expectations. The set was amazing, the acting was on point, and the singing…don’t get me started on the singing. That peformance of Les Misérables deserved a standing ovation. Too bad, not all audience members stood up while applauding. I got a little irritated by that. But who am I to be irritated? I stood up only when Simon Gleeson (Jean Valjean) took his bow. Nonetheless, IT DESERVED A STANDING OVATION.

I loved the cast so much, especially Chris Durling, who played Enjolras. I’ve loved Enjolras since I read the book. All his passion for the revolution won my heart. Aaron Tveit (Enjolras in the 2012 movie musical) made me fall in love in Enjolras more. But Chris Durling came, and boom, more love for Enjolras.

All of them were amazing. Gosh, their voices were…eargasmic. Their voices fit their roles so well. What a marvelous cast.

I couldn’t say anything bad about the production. I just found it so perfect. This production of Les Mis is the best production of any musical I’ve ever seen (sorry, Wicked. I still love Wicked though). All the emotions from the production haunted me to my sleep. It was that effective.

So if I were you, I’d catch Les Mis! It runs until May 1st, so grab your tickets while they’re still available. I know I want to see it again! 😉